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Tales of Parisienne Poupées

“Who has not enjoyed, in the most detached manner, the sight of a skillfully composed toilette and not carried away…. an image inseparable from the beauty of the woman wearing it, thus making the two, the woman and the dress, an indivisible whole.”

-Paris born author and poet,

Charles Pierre Baudelaire

Join me on the Ohio National Doll Show (ONDS) Facebook page Thursday for

“Tales of Parisienne Poupées”

 Tune in Thursday October 22nd at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 AM PST) and travel with me back in time! Discover how their role in history was important and why they are more than just dolls!

Then join in the fun with the opening of the OHIO NATIONAL DOLL SHOW ONLINE hosted by Ruby Lane!

Opens at 11am (Eastern Time) October 23rd

Closes October 26th at Midnight (Eastern Time)

Location: Hosted Online by Ruby Lane

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