There are not enough words to adequately paint the proper picture of this petite, delicate, and hard to find Bébé.  Her diminutive size is enhanced by a number of attributes. Her body has the original finish and is completely intact. Her beautiful and delicately painted face has jewel toned amber threaded paperweight eyes; the color so pale and lovely. She has the most interesting and unusual trunk of black embossed grey metal with wood strapping around the sides and the domed lid.She is blessed with a plethora of lovely costumes. She wears an antique bonnet of pale creme French lace with pale pink ribbons matching her chemise of ecru and pale pink ribbons. Her ears are decorated with little pink beads and her leather shoes have buckles over leather bows.Everything about the stall is simply delightful including the little Parian doll she holds and a very antique rocker she sits in...Don’t let this one slip away!

12 inch Sie. C Steiner

SKU: FRB-0005

    Beautiful Bébés Antique Dolls

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