On Hold for S-What an adorable little child! This baby has the crispiest modeling; first out of mold! Such liveliness of expression in this wee babe. Complete originality of silk and satin costume lavished with color and beautiful authentic pearls, turquoise, enameled cloisonné stones and much more. Our baby has a black human hair pigtail wig with original cardboard pate inside a festively ornamented hat. He is on his original five piece bent-limb baby body in excellent condition and still retains his tiny little slippers. We have seen a few of these character babies come to light in the last few years, however, I have not seen one as petite and cabinet worthy as this one in a very long time. His bright brown glass sleep-eyes are delicately framed by upper lashes and softly stroked black brows. This little one may be adopted using a layaway option and we will consider negotiating a slightly lower price for outright purchase. Don’t let him get away!

12” J.D.Kestner 243 Asian Baby