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Could this be what you are looking for? A beautiful, marked Rohmer? She comes with a wonderful small trousseau of three additional costumes, two additional bonnets, an antique paisley blanket shawl, a beaded snood, an antique blue coronet, a red and black fringed shoulder cape and her crinoline along with chemise, full slip, half slip and lace edged pantaloons. Fourteen-inches of bliss in generally wonderful condition. Small silk patches to leg and minor “flea bites” on feet on otherwise very sturdy marked leather body. For those of you that are not too interested in additional clothing, it’s wonderful to consider just changing her from season to season for a different look. For those of you that love a wardrobe, this is all antique and interchangeable. I especially appreciate her little labeled box. Original wig included. She has the rod in her flat-cut swivel neck and she has articulated arms. She is well stamped on her chest with the center seam body. Wonderful original small black wooden trunk included with intact metal handles and compartments. (Not shown).

Please ask, additional details are available.

14” Rohmer Poupée avec Petite Trousseau

SKU: BB-0622-MCO85XX
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