This exquisite example of a very desirable Parisienne doll with articulated legs and exceptional bisque arms is certain to add sensation and charm to your collection. Cruchet was such an innovator. He patented this design in 1862. If you have the opportunity to take a peek in the informative and beautifully illustrated Panorama of Parisienne Dolls by Francois Theimer, this doll is well documented complete with photos and xrays of her inner workings. She is articulated at the shoulders and elbows as well as the hips and knees. Her body is made of wood with a beautiful creamy kidskin covering. The covering from the hips down to the knees is made as pantaloons or pants. This earned the doll the unflattering nickname of the “baggy pants fashion“.This was truly a misnomer for a beautiful doll who is sleek and elegant in her lines. Frequently, this particular model was sold through the TERRENE shop. Her chest would frequently be stamped with the shop’s mark. This led to another error in attribution as many thought the doll had been made by the Terenne shop. Such was not the case, as the shop was strictly in the business of selling beautiful dolls and accessories and was not in fact a manufacturer. This doll is priced to include her many original and antique elements including her long chestnut wig, delicate chapeau with teal plumage, her completely antique hand stitched ensemble and her exquisite antique marked CC boots.


She is modeling a lavish silk parasol replete with lush silk fringed layers available separately in a different listing. Please reach out with questions!

17.5” M. Emanuel Cruchet- Fabulous Originality & Extras

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