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A breathtaking beauty inspired by the original dolls from Leon Casimir Bru. This gorgeous creation by the renowned late Sandra Hulbert, is a testament to her consummate skill. Not only is the doll a beautiful example of her delicate and precise painting skills, the workmanship involved in her costuming is remarkable and a delight to behold.

This costume has so many incredible features, including the lace up back. I love the juxtapose of the ocher and red colors, including the bi-corn hat and shoes, and echoed on the darling Marotte. Wonderful details of the jingle bells at each point add to the whimsy and warmth of this delightful Polichinelle. This is an opportunity to own a fantastic Bru Bebe at a fraction of an Antique doll price, with every bit, the beauty and presence of Dolls from the golden age.

17” Polichinelle Artist Bru Bébé & Marotte

$1,850.00 Regular Price
$1,757.50Sale Price
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