Meet a beautiful Schmitt et Fils French bisque Bébé on her original pristine wood and composition body. She is 17 inches tall. She has a perfect pressed bisque socket head free of damage, hairlines or restoration. She has large amber enamel set eyes with deep lilac shadowing above the eyes, feathered brows, and closed full lips with the desirable white space between the lips. Her expression is beautifully rendered with dreamy sensitivity. Her head is marked: Sch (in shield) 2 . She wears a lovely long antique rich auburn wig over cork pate. She is on her marked composition and wooden eight-loose-ball-jointed body with straight wrists and a flat-cut derriere. The body is marked with the Schmitt shield stamp on the derriere and is in excellent condition without repairs or touch-ups. She wears layers of antique undergarments beneath a fetching teal silk Bébé styled frock with matching bonnet expertly created of old fabrics. Antique shoes complete her toilette along with a beautiful bar pin and turquoise earrings. This is an exquisite doll with the sought after longer face and pensive expression. A tribute to the artistry and beauty that was synonymous with Maison Schmitt.

17" Schmitt et Fils Bébé


    Beautiful Bébés Antique Dolls

    © Valerie Fogel, Beautiful Bébés