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New beauty available💗

Bru Jeune Bébé marked 7 with exceptional modeling. Gorgeous grey-blue eyes, pronounced tongue, Chevrot body. Invisible repair makes this gorgeous doll available at a fraction of the usual cost. A wonderful opportunity to acquire a sought after Bru Jeune that displays perfectly at an affordable price. These gorgeous dolls normally sell for upwards of $25,000. She does have a hairline that goes from the temple on the left under her chin and up toward the right. There is no damage to her face. She has been restored by a professional restoration artist that does work for museums and high-end collections.

Her beauty is remarkable and she has all the things we look for in these beautiful and rare dolls. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a treasure! Doll is also available at a substantial savings without wig or clothing, so you may dress her or promote her as you wish. Please message me or text to 425–765–4010. Free Shipping at listed price.

19.5” Bru Jne 7

SKU: BB-PD1022-0009
Out of Stock
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