This 22" beauty is in divine condition! Our Principessa is wearing a deluxe pale seafoam-colored costume comprised of lavish antique ribbed silks and blonde lace, silk cording, and complex ruching, pleating, and gathers culminating into a vision of absolute luxe beauty.
This darling has a creamy pristine bisque head with huge blue paperweight eyes enhanced with the softest hint of lilac shading and framed with generous lashes and perfectly stroked sienna brows. Blessed with applied pierced ears and a cascade of honey-blonde curls, she resides on her original chunky 8 ball-jointed stamped body. Marked 10 leather shoes with rosettes. She wears layers of undergarments including a divine antique corset. This is the dream of the Jumeau collector! More pictures to come showing her corset and body details. 

22" E10J Bébé with Deluxe Presence


    Beautiful Bébés Antique Dolls

    © Valerie Fogel, Beautiful Bébés