What is the definition of an exceptional doll? What is the criteria? We often ask ourselves this on the collecting journey. For some, an exceptional Doll is one that is uniquely beautiful or not readily available Due to its originality, or scarcity of production. For others, an exceptional Doll is extremely early, or the largest of its kind, or the smallest of its kind. While still others look for unique characteristics to a specific model, making it stand apart from others of it’s type. I think we can all agree that the exceptional Doll is one that is not frequently seen, and that has some of the above characteristics of its presentation. We are pleased to present this utterly adorable and exceptional model made by the inimitable Maison Jumeau circa 1878. At a only a mere 9 inches tall, a true rarity in itself, this doll is also exceptional in the fact she bears the rarely seen block letters spelling out JUMEAU in cartouche. She has the most childlike countenance with her imploring individually hand-cut eyes of soulful amber perfectly framed by delicately painted eyelashes and petite arched eyebrows. Her rosebud mouth is artfully painted and finely outlined. Her bisque is sublime and she resides on her original, tiny blue-stamped Jumeau body. She is dressed in a striking red wool ensemble of her era including a lavish straw and scarlet ribbon chapeau. Her head and body are attached by the original coil. For those of you that relish the idea of having a tiny "gem" for your collection that is not often seen, this sweet petite is now available. ***We have recently had questions about her condition and have black light inspected her under excellent magnification and tested for any repaint. She is completely free of restoration or repair. She comes from an exceptional collection. We welcome questions and look forward to hearing from you!

9 inch Jumeau Bébé in Cartouche

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