Adorable Rabery
& Delphieu Bébé -
Just look at this adorable child-like face! This impeccable 19" Rabery & Delphieu marked R1D has the most endearing presence. Sometimes, these lesser-seen examples lack the expression and modeling that make them loveable; not so with this darling! Her facial expression is quite lively and almost enthused. She appears to be about to say something! Her bisque is creamy and evenly colored. I love the set of her little teeth seeming to almost have a tiny underbite. Overall this doll is in excellent condition and wearing her signed original Rabery Paris shoes, charming frock, and antique woven hat strewn with flowers. This is a cheerful child that will add dimension and guile to your collection! Such a character! ~OFFERED at Convention Special Pricing!

Adorable Rabery & Delphieu Bébé ~


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