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18” Beauty in original ecru ensemble representing her travels through time. Several decades ago, well meaning collectors foolishly discarded these heirloom treasured costumes in favor of shiny polyesters and lavish trims. Now we have the wisdom to know the rare value these exceptional creations reveal. We have become educated and understand that these rare garments are a large part of the intrinsic value of these “objets d’art”.

The complex and unique design of this garment is a joy to behold. A frisée of ruching, pleating, piping and layers of tender lace in a femininely tailored frock perfectly fitted to this sublimely beautiful Bébé makes her a star. She has a pensive expression with serious blue paper weight eyes fringed with delicate lashes and finely arched sienna brows. Her golden wig is clean and soft, crowned by a flower bedecked straw hat, adding just the right touch of color to her ensemble. Antique underwear and leather shoes complete her toilette. This adorable time-traveler deserves a place of pride in your beautiful collection.

Excellent overall condition with no flaws or repairs.

All Original 18” Block Letter Bébé

SKU: BB-GHTH-1023-xxxD.5
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