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André Thuillier remains one of the quintessential and most highly revered dollmakers from the golden age of the French Bébé manufacturing era. Although he was not as prolific in his production of these exquisite dolls as perhaps Jumeau, Bru, and others, his tastes were of the finest and most discerning level. Beginning in 1880, Thuillier’s early dolls were on kid bodies with bisque arms; later these doll heads were placed on articulated wood and composition bodies. This lovely A7T is on her original wood and composition body making her a delight to pose. Her pristine, beautiful head is from the early mid-period. Gorgeous bisque, striking spiral threaded blue eyes, and parted lips. She wears a charming ecru and blue frock with a matching chapeau and lovely antique leather shoes. A delightful cabinet size at only 18 inches. A treasure to be certain, destined to become the gem of a fine collection. Please inquire about our custom layaway ~

André Florent Thuillier Bébé

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