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Layaway- S.T.

Occasionally, we encounter a doll with an incredible presence. This Bébé calls you from across the room and draws you in to take a closer look. On close inspection, she is even more exquisite. Her sapphire blue paperweight eyes are striking and darkly lined with sweeping lashes and framed perfectly with finely stroked sienna brows. Her bisque is a wonderful blend of peaches and cream, gently tinted at the cheeks and more deeply colored at the lips with delicate coral and liner. Her ash-blonde wig is a raft of beautiful curls! It’s rare to see a wig as lavish and lush as this; thick with a cascade of curly locks.

Our darling is wearing what would have been the latest couture for 1881-82 in her sapphire and floral dress and matching floral covered bonnet. Her eyes light up in this ensemble, making it impossible to look away. Finally, her ivory-tone silk Jumeau signed shoes complete her look. This incised E11J is on her originally finished ball jointed body with the blue stamp Medaille d'Or Paris on the derriere. There is the usual wear at the joints and fingertips, but the body's in overall good condition and poses well!

Our beauty is in generally excellent condition. She does have some minute flakes at the earring holes of her beautifully modeled applied ears, which are quite tiny and not distracting.

This is a Bébé that is certain to add a captivating element to your collection, a doll that is certain to be and remain a favorite.

Beautiful E11J Bébé

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