Superior quality is found with this deluxe Fashion Poupée. Her beautiful head is incised 4. She has an articulated wood body, tightly covered with kid leather from the shoulders to jointed knees. Her lower legs are carved wood with an aged gesso finish. Her upper arms have joints at the elbow attached to exquisitely formed bisque forearms with well-defined hands and fingers. Her swivel head and shoulder plate are pale with delicately painted features and deep blue enamel eyes, evenly set and fringed with delicately painted lashes and warm sienna brows.

Mademoiselle is wearing a remarkable 19th-century enfantine frock of fine windowpane cotton with scarlet ribbon accents. The matching bonnet is exceptional with a wired brim festooned with layers of flounces and pleats. Her titian mohair wig is caught in a red snood to keep curls tamed as she goes about her errands. Finally, her feet are clad in wonderful red heeled shoes with creme stitching and tan buckled toe bows.

This Poupée is perfect for the collector that sews or wishes to create a trousseau for her. She is sturdy, graceful, and easy to dress. **Candy container box for display only. ***Questions? Click the Chat or Email us and DESCRIBE the item title please. Currently items do not link in chat, so be sure to refer to title of item so we can help!***

17.5" Barrois Poupée ~ Wood Body

SKU: BB-0122-RLXX5