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Alphonse Giroux & Cie was one of the premier stores for luxury items, including Poupées and Jouets. The company began as a sole proprietor ship and continued on in one form of ownership or business structure or another until the year of 1884 and possibly longer. Giroux & Cie became known for richly appointed and luxurious goods and accessories and fascinations for humans as well as dolls. Among the pictures that we are showing you of this luxurious hat box shaped Etui, you will see a sampling of a very similar early one offered by this illustrious company in the earliest years between 1834 and 1850. We believe this to be slightly later and probably more from the period of the 1860s. Please look at the pictures for a detailed view of the wonderful elements included in this superb Etui. We have also included pictures to illustrate the scale as it relates to other doll sized items. The leather is rich and appointed with tiny brass studs. It has a working brass lock. The leather clasp and top opens to reveal a royal-purple velvet cushion for pins on the underside of the lid. The interior is a paler purple ribbed silk with fitted loops to hold the numerous implements. Although there is not a label on this wonderful piece, it is certainly of the quality that would’ve been seen at Maison Alph. Giroux.

Exceptional Etui as Hat Box