Meet this gentle beauty; a work of art and heart by Pierre F. Jumeau and circa 1875 +/-. This Poupée is the epitome of a young lady in the bloom of becoming a woman; innocent and so purely made. Her lovely blue paperweight eyes are larger and rounder than some of her predecessors, giving her a wide-eyed, fresh look complimented by her even, creamy complexion. Our darling has a lovely and pristine bisque swivel head on a perfect shoulder plate. Her kid body is clean, very sturdy, and supple, and bears the blue Jumeau stamp low on her back. Her wig is clean and soft and perfectly frames her lovely face. She is radiant in her festive peach silk gown and festoon of flowers catching back her locks. Charming antique leather slippers encase her feet and a creme summer wrapper completes her toilette. This charming lass awaits her carriage to bring her to you!

Exceptional Jumeau Portrait Poupée 23"

SKU: BB-21-05-02