On Layaway- Thank you, T! 
 This splendid 16" Bébé is unlike any I have yet to come across over the many years I have been working with French and European dolls. She surfaced last year in Europe, much to my delight, and the delight of several that beheld her. In fact, she was in some of the best company of experts in the doll community. The consensus was unanimous; a rare Clement was in our midst. 
This sublime beauty has the palest perfect pressed bisque head, completely unmarked and translucent when lit for inspection. Her blue spiral threaded eyes are startlingly beautiful and darkly lined with a generous fringe of lashes and framed by delicately stroked brows. Her features are delicate and finely painted in gentle pastels giving her a lifelike appearance. Her head is crowned with a wonderful softly curled lambskin wig over her antique pate. Her beautiful eight ball-jointed body is clothed in layers of antique undergarments and she is graced with an exceptional original frock and matching chapeau;  a confection of pale blue and créme organdy decorated with delicate lace and scattered with antique silken ribbons. Her sweet hat matches the delicate fabrics and retains the original tie keeping this sweet child's bonnet firmly in place. 
We are still learning so much about the charming and rare dolls of France. There is much that will come to light, however, we are so thrilled when a rarity of this doll's caliber is revealed and offered to the collecting community.  
Note: Clement was widely known for his blown leather Poupée body (strikingly similar in construction and design to the Huret body).

Extraordinarily rare Bébé attributed to Clement-