If you’ve been looking for a fantastic example of the 1469 Flapper Doll, your search is over. This is a darling 14" doll with a heart-shaped face has small blue glass eyes, beautifully painted lashes and brows, accentuated by petite rosebud lips and charming antique bobbed mohair wig. Her body is fully jointed and made of composition and wood with a slender, long torso and limbs and arched feet for her high heels. She is in generally excellent condition with only a slight craze line at the back of her right elbow. Her bisque is perfect and her clothes may possibly be original. The peach silk crêpe dress is sewn on at the neck. Her undergarments are a silky onesie, also sewn on. Don’t miss your opportunity to acquire this harder to find example of this very popular model doll!

Fab 1469 Flapper Doll by Cuno, Otto, Dressel