Fabulous All Original 12" French Fashion Poupée Peau~
Generally excellent condition from head to toe. Beautiful face attributed to FG and is marked 0. Lovely bisque swivel head and shoulder plate on kid body. She has a beautiful wide-eyed expression with her large almond-shaped blue spiral threaded enamel eyes. Her color palate is soft and enhances her shapely mouth. Original honey-blonde wig and pate with sweet French blue ribbon woven through the coiffure. Beautifully constructed two-piece ivory-toned satin evening gown costume with laced bodice in back. The skirt has fragile areas due to age, although with careful handling should last for years to come. She also wears a little pair of tan leather boots and antique undergarments. This is a wonderful petite size and fits in nicely with any vignette or cabinet. She is in overall good condition with only small rust spots on her forearms which we have draped with a petite lace wrap. The wire armature inside the kid stuffed arms can cause this over time. Our beauty comes ready for the evening's stage performance with her bone-ivory opera glasses!


Fabulous All Original 12" French Fashion Poupée Peau~

SKU: JP-009

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