I am very partial to this particular style… I love the Rembrandt look with the full body of curls and the fringe of soft bangs. The addition of the braided crown adds that extra bit of drama and loveliness to this desirable style so suitable for all Bébés! 

Diana Shorey Boettger (DSB Doll Wigs) is a self-taught wig artisan who has spent more than twenty five years working at the craft of hand wefting classic mohair doll wigs in the authentic 19th century style and manner. Working in the same cottage tradition early wig-makers embraced, she has honed her skills to a fine art and is producing some of the most beautiful wigs available to collectors worldwide.
Beautiful Bébés is privileged to be the sole representative for these beautiful creations. We currently have a set amount of stock supply. We will be adding new items as they become available.

Golden Blonde Rembrandt w/ Braided Band 10.5” ~DSB ~

SKU: DSB-20074