With great pleasure, I bring you this feminine and complex wig handcrafted and arranged by the amazing artisan, Diana Shorey Boettger. The beauty of Diana's work: 
-Hand-tied and wefted in precisely the same manner made in the 19th century
-Styled in accordance with popular arrangements of the period. 
-So expertly made that the muslin cap is also a reflection of the eras of 1850 through the end of the 19th century
-These beautiful and authentic wigs add value to your special and expensive dolls 
-You can add wigs to your dolls wardrobe to have various styles comparable to how she is dressed, i.e., Daywear versus Ballgown.
This wig does not come with the roses; they were added to demonstrate different options. This style would also look wonderful with a tiara!

Gorgeous 6 3/8ths inch Mohair Wig "Updo" by DSB