Heart Meltingly Beautiful 18” F7G Block Letter Bebe A truly adorable Bébé by Francois Gaultier with a sensational child-like look. From the tips of her toes to the top of her pretty blonde head, this little girl is simply enchanting. Huge spiral threaded espresso colored paper-weight eyes take center stage in her expertly painted peaches and crème complexioned bisque face. Her full lips are slightly parted revealing the tip of her tongue, similar to a Bru Jeune. Her antique cork pate is crowned with a superior antique blonde wig with the center medallion inside the cap. She is on her original eight ball jointed body with original finish. Her dress is a confection of roses strewn over lace and layered over taffeta along with her fetching hat. Finally, her antique leather boots are impressed with a doll in chemise by Beaudelot/Alart. Antique undergarments complete her toilette. This Bébé is a prize to be certain. Truly a charming and heartwarming addition to your beautiful collection.

Heart-Melting FG Block Letter Bébé

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