The world stopped spinning for a moment when I first encountered this wee one…a confection in every way! Her huge blue spiral threaded paper-weight eyes, perfectly shaded and swept with finely painted lashes and brows, seem to gaze through to the heart. She has the number 1 and shield-mark impressed on her pristine pressed bisque head. Diminuitve features of bow lips set prettily beneath a tiny nose at once charm and delight the senses. Our darling has a clean, original body w/ shield mark on the flat bottom and the fabulous Simonne label on her torso, and retains the original finish. Her coiffure is a charming original ash-blonde mohair wig in up-swept style with endearing tendrils at the forehead. Antique peachy-coral and crème silks with lace overlays and delicate flower accents make up her luscious couture frock. She has a beautiful matching flower-strewn straw hat or your choice of a classic deluxe French ribbon and lace bonnet. Antique leather shoes complete her enchanting look. A petite prize to be sure. ❤️

Heart-Stopping 14.5” Petite Schmitt Bébé

SKU: KIN-01-021421