Thank You~ W!

This is one of the prettiest examples we have seen of this particular model. She has exquisite modeling of her features; that crisp first-out-of-mold look. Her blue glass size are very inquisitive and have such character in their expression. Of course, she has the lovely pouty face so classic of these adored dolls. Her markings are K*R , from the Kammer & Reinhardt firm, with the 114 underneath. She is completely original in her entire toilette. Her original body retains the original finish. Our charming girl does have a tiny red fire line above the ear on the left which is insignificant and in the making process. This doll comes from a pristine collection and at one time was auctioned for in excess of $20,000. Her diminutive size makes it easy to take her into your cabinet or a small vignette.

K*R 18” Glass Eyed Gretchen