**See More Information in Video Section!** The hunt for authentic ladies slippers or “Pantoufles de Chambre” can be most challenging. We discovered this authentic pair (possibly made by the Thierry firm and shown in the last three pictures) circa 1860 and were able to commission an incredibly talented artist to replicate them in exact detail using only the finest silks and hand-tooled leather. The toes have been hand embroidered in exactly the same manner as the originals from 1860. The leather heels have been stacked and cut in precisely the same manner as well. Because of the degree of difficulty to reproduce and replicate these incredible slippers, and the time involved, we have an extremely limited quantity. Reserve a pair today for your favorite 17 to 18-inch mademoiselle. There’s nothing like a warm shawl and a cozy pair of slippers at the end of the day with a hot cup of tea and a favorite pet to snuggle on your lap.

Ladies Slippers recreated from 1860