We don’t often represent too many babies, however this little one was so endearing we could not pass her up! She has the most lifelike blue eyes, with perfectly working sleep mechanism and all eye-wax intact on her pretty little lids. Her modeling is deep and artistically done and she has a darling little open mouth showing a little red tongue. Her chubby and well modeled five piece bent-limb baby body is in generally excellent condition with repairs to two fingers on her right hand. Her bisque is free of any damage, and her limbs are in good working condition. She has a crier that works when she gets laid down (most of the time!)😉 She is dressed as found with a bright yellow knitted bonnet covered by an antique eyelet lace bonnet as well as a matching yellow knit sweater. The sweater keeps her arms warm over her light weight organdy dress. We have found her some matching yellow socks and she’s come up to speed in the 21st-century with a pair of newborn Pampers to keep her bottom warm!This little darling is wearing her original wig over cardboard pate. She is truly a heartwarming doll! We have also gifted her with a sweet little rattle of celluloid that she refuses to part with! Now she just need someone to take care of her into the next few decades!

Lifelike 19” Hertel Schwab 152 Baby

SKU: KI-001-0321

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