Exquisitely beautiful 25” Bébé circa 1878-79. This exceptional doll is the second generation of Bébés created by Leon Casimir Bru; so-called the “circle dot” referring to the mark on the back of the neck that was frequently a designation for the place to carve out the bisque and position the mechanism for the Teteur Bébé, which bears the same face. This fantastic doll has stunning pale blue spiral threaded eyes and beautiful, gently tinted bisque. Her perfect bisque hands are nothing less than a work of art in definition and grace. Her antique wig is a cascade of golden blonde mohair curls in generally pristine condition and dating back to a similar era. She is dressed in a wonderful antique velvet and silk frock of deepest blues and has also been graced with a darling navy-blue wool coat with a matching hat. Her feet are clad in original marked Bru leather shoes. This is an heirloom doll that brings so much history with her; truly an “Object d’ art”. When Leon Casimir Bru created this Bébé, he was literally on fire with a passion to bring to market the most unique and beautiful child-type dolls in the world. Prior to 1877, most of the dolls that were made by French or German makers were fashion dolls in their representation. This was a period that defined change in the Doll world by bringing child-like dolls forward for purchase. She was preceded only by the first generation face Bru doll known as the “Brevete”. The Brevete is a beautiful Bébé, however, this second-generation Bébé has the distinct characteristics of a very young child with her full cheeks, open lips, and beseeching expression. This beauty is eligible for custom layaway! Please reach out with any questions and watch for additional photographs to be uploaded in the near future.*Cute doggies not included

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