SOLD~ Thank You, A.

We consider this early period of the Emile Jumeau Bébés to be among the most desirable. This little girl has the most soulful appearance with her huge, amber eyes of threaded enamel and her softly and meticulously painted bisque. Her expression is one of gentleness and expresses the childlike quality Emile was so dedicated to bringing to the market after the long run of the lady dolls or Poupées. This doll has a beautiful presence as well as a pristine head and retains her original coil or “scroogle” attachment to her original eight ball-jointed body. Her head is deeply incised 6 over EJ. 


Our little princess is in excellent condition from head to toe and wears a gorgeous antique spun gold mohair wig, her clothing is also an antique fabrics and made  in an appropriate style. She wears antique shoes with rosettes, and a French ribbon antique bonnet in matching tones. The soft pale pinks of her toilette are perfectly suitable to her gentle complexion. Please reach out with additional questions. This is simply a delightful Bébé~  Layaway offered.

Maison Jumeau ~ Earliest Period E.J.