Sublime 17.5 inch beauty with fascinating originality! She is attributed to Maison Jumeau; bearing the stamp of an atelier on Passage de Lorme, Paris. She wears a superb original two-piece costume of olive silk with striking black and white checked silk trim.
The skirt has a generous 1870’s design and is complimented by a rare and wonderful original stiff bustle. Her chemise is a concoction of frilly lace with white on white embroidered cotton ribbon fastened with a tiny shell button and loop. Her chest is stamped with what appears to possibly be the stamp by the atelier of Simmone on Passage de Lorme. A portion is difficult to decipher. Everything about this mademoiselle is lovely; her original upswept ash blonde wig, her beautiful and pristine bisque, her sturdy gusseted leather body and delightful undergarments! Her crowning glory is her antique original chapeau; a delightful combination of rich velvets and lavish feathers over a structured, tightly woven straw form. Antique oilcloth boots complete our young lady’s ensemble.
She is the crème de la crème~ what we look for in seeking the finest examples.
Priced at $5500-
She’s also shown in one other hat, a small brown velvet affair with decoration in front. This is an optional addition and may be added to her toilette for an additional $175.

Maison Jumeau Poupée

SKU: FF-0003