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This intriguing 14” doll or Puppen has a beautifully painted composition head with generous modeling of features and colors giving her a unique look. She has a chestnut colored mohair wig, a full-jointed composition body and an original colorful folklore costume. She is circa 1909-1910.

The marketing materials of the time frequently presented Marion Kaulitz’s dolls in activities and festive childs' play, playing with each other like real children. These dolls were sold and presented by the Wiener Werkstätte, an alliance of artists and designers in Austria that pioneered modern design.

Münchner Künstler Kaulitz-Puppen® Marion Bertha Gräfin von Kaulitz

(German, designer, 1865-1948) Artist Doll (Reform Doll)

Munich Art Doll by Marion Kaulitz

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