Here is a fantastique little Bébé with the gorgeous childlike features we seek. She has hypnotic pale blue paper weight eyes, palest peaches and cream tinted bisque with lushly accented lips and petite tongue. Her beautiful eyes have darkly swept lashes surrounded with tenderly painted sienna brows. This beauty is circa 1883-85; the onset of the Henri Chevrot era. I cannot help but believe that the short-lived collaboration between Leon Casimir Bru and Henri Chevrot was Magic in the making! I can almost hear the two as they discussed the new designs for the beautiful Dolls that Leon and Appoline had brought into existence. I feel certain Appoline had a voice in these ideas as well! Chevrot’s innovative ideas to slenderize the body, add beautifully carved articulated wooden legs, thereby crafting a beautiful silhouette for her costumes, must have been so exciting!This tiny beauty is the epitome of that collaboration! Exceptional in every way! Her antique fabric couture costume will carry her decades into the future. Her golden blonde original antique wig is glorious and full. Her original Chevrot body is in generally excellent condition. Minuscule flake at one earring. She has perfect hands and feet and a bit of her original label remains. If you have additional questions about this gorgeous Bébé, please email beautifulbebes@outlook.com

Princess Marked 4 Bru Jeune Bébé