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This precious vase is extremely petite and done in the manner of the lost art glass method that Galle perfected. It’s primarily a wonderful cranberry color with beautiful cream accents running through it and features a botanical design of possibly grape leaves.**Information below from Galle Art Glass website-**Emile Galle (1846 – 1904) BiographyWe have a brief timeline of Emile Galle’s life as it relates to art glass and his achievements in the field.  Most people want to know why Galle art glass is so much more valuable than almost all other art glass.  The short answer is that it is valuable because it is in demand.  The true answer can be found in the history of his work.  If you study Emile Galle then you will learn all about his experimentation with lost decoration and finishing techniques.  Today we all know that glass can be a form of artistic expression.  Back in the 1870s when Galle got started there was virtually no glass being made just for the sake of art.  The “art glass” that was being made was not especially interesting or inventive.  Galle introduced bold colors and subject matters and combined them to make expressive and telling objects of art.  We have more information about which vases date to which time periods in our Galle styles guide.  There you can learn more about the influences and circumstances around the creation of some of Galle’s best work.1846 – Emile Galle is born1867 – Emile Galle starts working for his father’s faience and glass factory1873 – Galle started his own glass studio1877 – Galle took over his father’s studio1878 – Galle won the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition1889 – Galle displays his glass designs at The Paris International Exposition1894 – Galle’s first full production glass factory was established in Nancy, France1900 – Galle wins two top awards at The International Exhibition in Paris1904 – Emile Galle passes away from Leukemia at 58 years old.1905 – Emile Galle’s wife continues to make art glass but these works are marked with a star after1919 – Emile Galle’s son-in-law, Paul Perdizet, continues glass making under the Galle name1936 – All authentic productions of Galle art glass were discontinued.

Rare Signed 2” Gallé Miniature Vase

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