When we seek to add a new addition to our collection, we look for something unique; something fresh that will be a standout. This incised 4 beauty is such an addition. A doll with immense presence and attitude! Dehors type movement in the neck gives her superior positioning. Huge wrap-around, darkly rimmed blue-gray enamel eyes set in the palest of creamy bisque are counter-balanced by diminutive features of a petite nose and sweet rosebud mouth. Original, upswept blonde mohair wig over cork pate. This beauty resides on an amazing deluxe wooden body with an articulated waist and delicate articulated ankles. She is layered in a chemise and rare stamped pink embossed corset beneath over-slips and pantaloons. Her costume is completely antique, hand made with the most astonishing and intricate deep pink and black appliques and sweet additions of blonde lace at collar and cuffs. Layers of undergarments in pressed condition. Matching silk stockings and suede boots. Her charming blonde wig is crowned with a jaunty cranberry straw hat adorned with matching plumes. Her articulated wood body is in excellent condition and deluxe with a rotational waist and articulated ankles. Condition: Excellent! Beautiful bisque head and shoulder plate in superb condition. Gorgeous wood body with all fingers and toes intact. Highly poseable. This is a sensational Poupée that promises to deliver years of joy and pride.Ask about custom layaway terms-

Sensational 18” French Fashion w/Deluxe Wood Body

SKU: FF-WD-0620