Now comes Mademoiselle Solange, a supremely beautiful and lovely poupée from the skilled and loving hands of Madame Marie Antoinette Leontine Rohmer, the wife of Mssr. Vuillaume. A doll, circa 1857-1859, on a wonderful, marked center seam kid body endowed with articulated wood and bisque arms, and articulated wooden and kid-covered legs. Her head has the desirable cup and saucer neck phalange giving her the ability to swivel her head from side to side. Her translucent china glazed head and shoulder plate are impeccable, free of damage or repair. Her shapely bisque arms are also in exceptional condition. Her lovely body has the desirable stringing that enabled the legs to change to a sitting position. These strings are now fragile with age. There are some exceedingly small and well-placed reinforcements to her kid body. Her lovely face has large expressive blue eyes. Her features are carefully painted, giving her the youthful and sweet expression of a young demoiselle.She has everything a young lady may need! A lavish array of six original antique enfantine costumes and luxurious antique silk and velvet couture ensembles. A stunning antique crème cape with opulent metallic soutache, silken tassels, and golden pin with attached opera glasses, petite sewing scissors, and penknife. A luxe antique golden velvet cloak with rich bronze braid trim and separate matching silk-lined hood. She has an array of bonnets and hats. Slips, chemisette, chemise, slippers, heels, bootines, framed pictures, wee books, travel etui with implements, original ermine wrap and muff, original leather purse, silk-lined leather calling card folder with two inscribed “Mlle. Solange” calling cards. She has a wonderful bronze parasol with colorful silk fringe and carved bone handle. A cheerful candy container with extra stockings and a pair of glass candlesticks. Her wooden trunk has several compartments to store hats and accessories, a tray, and a large open compartment. A full list of the wardrobe and will be provided for serious buyers. This is a deluxe and exceptional Poupée with fascinating selections of costumes and furnishings. Available for our custom layaway purchase plan! ***Flowers, Borzoi dog, furniture, and any items not listed on formal contents are not included with this listing. Thank you.

Spectacular 17.5” Rohmer Poupée & Deluxe Trousseau