Meet a precious Bébé with hypnotic blue eyes that will bind you in her spell! She has a beautiful pristine bisque head with a childlike curious expression tinged with just a hint of serious contemplation. She is residing on her original body that is stamped/marked Bébé Bru 11 Paris. It does appear that she has had a light refresh to her original body in a transparent glaze. There is the usual wear, which indicates the refreshing was done probably in excess of 70 or more years ago by virtue of the wear. This is an amazing example of the Girard era of the Bru Company. She is beautiful, and yet it’s easy to see that she was made to be more of a toy little girls could play with and love. I love her turquoise costume with all of its intricate pleats and lace. Again, however, this is made of cotton and much more durable than some of the higher end fabrics we commonly see earlier Dolls dressed in. Her costume is definitely couture made and not original. However, it has been done with appreciation and careful consideration for the era she was created in. Her ash blonde wig is soft and lovely, complementing her face and coloring. It is a soft mohair and is not antique. This is a wonderful example and priced for the collector seeking a Bru without the high price.

Spectacular 23” Bru Jeune R

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