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Haven’t you always wanted to open an antique magical box? A box you could open slowly and savor the enchantment inside. A box with endless revelations and a mystery or two. Such is this magical box! A decadent treat filled with costumes of lavish French ribbons and laces over pleated silks. Every imaginable accessory to suit the requirements of a darling and pampered wee princess.

And oh, the princess! A priceless wee little Simon Halbig Mignonette with golden tresses and tiny blue sleep eyes set in creamy bisque. her condition is divine and she is eagerly awaiting her place in your cabinet! However, it’s our belief that this adorable darling will be out of the cabinet more than she will be in, as you savor her treasures and share her beauty and wealth with your friends.

Spectacular Mignonette S&H in Presentation

SKU: BB-SB101122-35XX
Out of Stock
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