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Pick your look! What a darling doll! Don’t let this cutie patootie get away! 11 inches is such a great size. Fits perfectly into a wonderful vignette playing with others and doesn’t take up much space in the cabinet!

This darling is an excellent condition on a five piece toddler body with requisite belly! She has that wonderful melon smile, and charming impish look! Blue side glancing sleep eyes always make me wonder what these kids are up to! This little one comes with her cherished wooden puppet. She’s blessed with her original blonde wig or a charming long Rembrandt style mohair wig. You may choose either the darling white dress or what may be her original yellow play dress. Head incised 165. If you choose both costumes and wigs, the price is $3350. If you choose one wig and one dress, the price is $2950.

The porcelain dog is for display only. Thank you!

Spunky 11” Hertel Schwab Jubilee Googly

SKU: BB-SB0323-0014
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