The Enchanting Trousseau of Chiffonette Under Napoleon III 1852-1870 by Sylvia MAC Neil with preface by Samy Odin For those of you that are fanatics of the incredible Huret Poupée, this is a book that you will turn to again and again!

After years of careful research of antique doll clothing, Sylvia Mac Neil has written a beautiful book. This volume contains superior photography featuring more than 500 color photos (many full-page) of fabulous dresses with capes, casques, vests, fichus, and gloves. Her glorious ensembles are accented with exquisite hats, all created of the finest antique materials and ornamentation hearkening back to the 1850s -1860s. Back views and side views, rarely shown in other books, along with portrait photos of Chiffonnette and close-up views of clothing details make this book a treasure. There are several views of each exceptional hat included as well. Each item has been carefully researched and created by Sylvia using fabrics and sewing techniques contemporary to the 1850s.

The Enchanting Trousseau of Chiffonnette


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