Got a sweet tooth? This little morsel is certain to satisfy your craving! Such a wee Bon-Bon! She fits into any vignette, or as a child to a fashion, or in the arms of a larger Bébé. Her huge amber eyes are like golden toffee and her honey-blonde antique braided wig graces her childlike-face. Her bisque is generally excellent and free of damage or repair. She has a pristine, early antique French body beneath charming fine lace decorated cotton undergarments. Her muslin party dress is a confection of tiny pleats and French lace. Her pretty head is crowned with a delicate matching antique bonnet replete with embroidered floral design and more lovely lace. Her tiny antique kid leather shoes have retained the toe buckles and bows and are in wonderful condition.She is a rare treasure in this wee size! We often see these darlings in 12” or larger, however, this little jewel is so hard to come by! Thank you for visiting! Please reach out to beautifulbebes@outlook.com for additional questions!

Tiny 9” Francois Gaultier Bébé