For those of you with tastes for the finest and most unusual item to gift your special mademoiselle, take a peek at this very rare clock, with original key, that is fashioned as a miniature painting on an easel. The painting is actually enamel and the little clock is on the wall behind the dancers. It appears that everyone is having a fine time playing the fiddle, some sort of keyboard, and a child down on her knees over in the far right corner watching the dancers.This is such a delightful item. The frame of the enameled painting is permanently placed on a brass easel with an enameled figurehead above the painting. I do not know what era this is precisely from, although I do believe it was fashioned in the mid to late 1800s.It is such a delightful piece and deserves to be in a fine collection. It is shown here next to an 18 inch Rohmer. And certainly a conversation starter!

Tiny Clock as Enamel Painting on Easel

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