Lot#22This precious Bébé, known as Mimi, her GIROUX trunk & Trousseau is from the earliest time the Jumeau firm created these amazing dolls in the image of a child rather than a lady doll. At only 11.5 inches and marked 2, she is the crème de la crème. With her adorable childlike face adorned with large almond amber eyes, perfectly cut and evenly placed, and set in ivory-tinted bisque with pale closed lips and smoothly stroked brows. At one time, she had a skin wig, and the remnant of the cap remains intact over her cork pate. Her bisque is in excellent condition and free of any repair or damage. Tiny garnet-colored earrings adorn her small ears. She is on the early eight-ball jointed body with the blue Medaille d’Or Stamp. Her white leather shoes have stayed with her and are incised: 2 E. Jumeau Med.OR 1878 (in a cartouche) PARIS She can be shown in two of the numerous costumes in her trousseau, which include the brilliant red silk ensemble complete with stockings and stunning feathered hat as well as the seafoam couture frock with matching velvet chapeau. She has a sundress, a pale aqua silk dress, and bonnet (albeit frail), a beach dress, a small original chemise, a corset, and additional treasures include a silk fringed parasol, small leather case with various trinkets and toiletry items. She even has a jump rope! Last but not least, she has a sweet little lamb.The fabulous GIROUX labeled trunk is 14” long, 9” deep and 7” tall, perfectly holding her treasures and this precious doll. This is the most excellent Premier I have had the pleasure and honor to represent. Thank you for visiting this fantastic Bébé~

Tiny Marked 2 Premiere Bébé w/ Trousseau

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