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Join me in admiration of this phenomenal 19” Asian Bru beauty created by the exquisitely gifted Sandra Hulbert. Her features are beautifully sculpted and painted, giving a lovely distinction of Asian heritage. She also has warm coloring of the bisque and overall body in keeping with that heritage. Her glossy black wig is beautifully styled and crowned by a superb red flower. Her kimono is exceptional in deep antique royal purple and crimson satin. Everything about this Doll is in keeping with the way the antique Bru dolls were dressed as a reflection of the Japanese culture. Even her stand base has been covered in splendid satin.

One of the reasons this prolific artist was so successful was her astounding ability to costume, not only creatively, but with a high standard for achieving the integrity of the era or culture, as well as living up to the standards of couturiers of the time, both on the exterior and the interior of the garment.

This doll resides on a quality composition and wood body, and the quality of her fine bisque is without exception.

Thank you for visiting our new Artist Doll category show room! Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

19” Asian Bru in Exquisite Crimson Kimono Costume

SKU: BB-HUL0123-007
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