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Holiday Special🎄🎄🎄Precious 10.5" rendition of little six-year-old Ruby Bridges, the first black child to leave segregation and change the course of history. This porcelain sculpt by Mary Moline was made in W. Germany and is marked 725. She has a beautifully expressive face with watery glazed eyes and her mohair wig is perfectly styled. So charming and rare to find. White cotton dress, embroidered white cotton full slip with lace edging, and rib-knit panties and socks with white vinyl sneakers.

Ruby was also the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting in 1964 entitled “The Problem We All Live With “. A painting of this wee child being walked to school by Marshalls in New Orleans in 1960 as the first black child to be integrated into an all white school… the first child, the beginning of ending segregation. Rockwell was deeply against racism. #LoveWins #RubyBridges

All Bisque Doll depiction of Ruby Bridges

SKU: BB-112022-005
$475.00 Regular Price
$380.00Sale Price
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