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One look at this incredibly luxurious doll and it is clear she was made with dedication, love, and skill. The costume details are sensational. Representative jewels of peridot, diamond, pink sapphires, and citrine are lavishly embedded in complex bronze metallic buttons and trims. The fitted costume is made of exquisite antique champagne damask silks, lavishly, decorated with antique French lace, and lined with a fur trim on the hem. Every detail has been attended to including layers of antique French lace and ribbon-trimmed undergarments, and the entire costume is lined in crème silk. Her beautiful velvet chapeau is dotted with pearls and roses with jeweled centers. A whimsical ostrich feather adorns and frames the face of this beautiful A. Marque. The painting of this doll is without exception! Sparkling blue eyes are framed with tender strokes of mauve and sienna eyebrows and the classic petite heart-shaped mouth of coral hues is perfectly pursed in the classic expression of this sought-after model.

The original antique version of this doll normally sells for an excess of $100,000-$300,000 due to its enormous rarity. Only 20 of the original dolls are accounted for out of the original 100 that were created during World War 1 when Albert Marque was convinced to create them by the Parisian couture fashion house of Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix, who then clothed the dolls in custom-made costumes and exhibited them in Paris in 1915. The dolls were often dressed as French Royals or conversely as Peasants. They are meant to celebrate French culture and were expressly meant for adults. 

Since few of us can attain one of these highly prized and rare original dolls, this is an opportunity to acquire a fantastic one of a kind creation made with heart and soul by Sandra Hulbert, artist extraordinaire.

Bejeweled 17” A. Marque as Royalty

SKU: BB-HUL1223-4
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