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 Pristine 10.5” Door of Hope Bride. She is in pristine condition down to her tiny shoes. These dolls are so detailed and beautifully constructed. She would appreciate a hat or head cover and from what I have observed, these dolls can have different and unique headwear. Be creative!

***(Taken from Doll Reader May 1, 2007)

"The Chinese wore specific garments to maintain their cultural identity. Careful at­­tention to their attire showed they were civilized. Various styles, fabrics, and trims were prescribed according to age, gender, and social status. Rank was exhibited by the cut, color, and decoration-embellishing garments. Headwear, sashes, and jewelry also signaled rank. The Door of Hope dolls reveal these values. The 25 styles represented by these dolls are found dressed in variations using whatever fabrics were available to the girls. The dolls shown in this article were originally received through a missionary and were used in Cleveland, Ohio, for years by the owner to give talks to school children and other groups about China. The dolls in the collection included the Bride, who wears the traditional red court dress with tassels. (Red, the color of life, was thought to bring happiness, good luck, and wealth.) On her head would be an ornate headdress with beads and tassels. She would carry a red hankie edged in white".


Door of Hope Bride Doll

SKU: BB-GSCON0524-003
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