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Dreamy Articulated Huret - This earliest 17.5” Huret model has an angelically beautiful face and is conserved to a fantastic articulated wooden body with an unmarked leather band; certain to light up your collection! She is simply beautiful with a pristine pale complexion and wears a softly curled lambskin wig. Her dress is superb, a rich green windowpane silk & velvet, circa 1860s, with a coordinating 1860s antique straw & velvet bonnet and demure cotton blouse. Her antique leather boots are in excellent condition. She comes with a precious ecru purse.

Huret Poupée is available at the list price for layaway. Outright purchase is open to a reasonable offer.

Dreamy Early Huret on Deluxe Wood Body

SKU: BB-JA042400816
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