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These fantastic specs are from the Huret era.
Please refer to my article in Doll News in September 2019 entitled Luxe Life. At one time these special spectacles were pictured in that article as part of a famous collection In Russia. Inessa was very generous with allowing me dozens of pictures of her lovely Huret collection. In the 1800s doctors thought there was a medical benefit to having spectacles with different colored lenses. These beautiful spectacles may be gold framed. They are very fine and as such would've only been available to the wealthy. They are being sold with this lovely glass-topped box made of fine metal. By the 1850s, the use of tinted glass was more widespread. Coquille oval glasses, some with different colored lenses, became popular with women and men and were imported en-mass from abroad. The attached chain is most likely a bit newer than the glasses and can be removed in favor of an older chain. Rare and fine. 

Rare Gold Sun Specs for Poupée w Case

SKU: BB-THAU1123-005
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