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Sold-If you’re a seeker of antique dolls that tell a story and reveal history, then you have stumbled into a magical discovery.

Meet Mlle. Genevieve, a petite Bru Jeune Bébé with a lovely trunkful of treasures and a rich history. Although this precious one was created c. 1882-1883 by Leon Casimir Bru, it was some years later in 1888 that she was presented to the young lady she was ultimately named for, Mademoiselle Genevieve Clarke. Genevieve Clarke also had a sister that received a trunk and doll at the same time, although we do not know the fate of that gift. They lived in Paris France for a moment… witnessed the advent of the first automobile. The year was 1888. They traveled back to the United States and the wee doll and her little mamá traveled back-and-forth across the United States. Genevieve Clarke ultimately was confirmed in the Catholic Church and as life moved forward, she became a nun. Her ultimate role became Mother Superior and college educator.

When Genevieve Clarke was confirmed, as a young girl, her mother made her a lovely confirmation dress and veil. The little mademoiselle Bru Jeune was also made a matching confirmation costume to honor her "little mama".

This adorable and pristine Bébé has kept her mothers diary/journal safely stowed in her wonderful trunk of treasures. She also has eight original costumes which include that lovely veil and confirmation dress along with her rosary beads. She carries with her a picture of her little mama in her confirmation dress. The journal is fascinating, filled with wonderful entries that are indicative of the high standard of her mind and education. There are special notes on the back of the picture, taken so many long years ago and an accompanying letter written 100 years after Genevieve Clarke received the sweet little doll… A letter written by her descendent.

So many discoveries. So much to learn. And enough to glean even more information if one is so inclined. This doll is not only beautiful in her appearance and presence, but she also radiates a special glow of knowingness; entreating you to learn more about her mysteries. This darling is in excellent condition, with no restoration, no repairs, and she is all original including her wig and tiny marked shoes. Generous terms available 💕

Superb Tiny Bru Jeune 2 w/Extensive Wardrobe & Provenance

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