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Meet an adorable wee girl with a very big presence! This charming and oh, so rare bébé has a costume for every day of the week! Marked Sie A 3/0 she has beautiful big blue enamel eyes, set in pale bisque with rosy cheeks and rosebud lips. Original pate, mohair blonde wig, excellent body with Steiner caduceus mark on hip. She’s wearing a beautiful pink & ivory silk dress, antique floral bedecked bonnet and is awash in six other adorable tiny dresses. She has a sweet embroidered handkerchief, a lamb, a pin jointed babydoll, a delicate chemise, tiny marked 2 leather shoes, a tiny bible and a pristine pale pink parasol with a bone handle bearing a fanciful carved spinning star, all stored in a tiny trunk. Such a rare series.

Tiny 10" Rare Steiner Series A 3/0

SKU: BB-1222-XX16
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